Three people walking dramatically different paths find their lives unexpectedly intertwined by an unfortunate chain of events.
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A note from writer Norman Lesperance:

For the past few years, I have lived in the same building as three very unique and special talents Brad Ragland, Todd Julian and Chelsea Gilligan. And like me, they have all been trying to scale the wall to success in Hollywood. As individuals, we shared our defeats and triumphs with each other, but until now, we have never tried climbing this mountain together.

Our journey began in the spring of 2012, without us even realizing we had set out on a journey at all. Todd and Chelsea, having heard about some acting opportunities in New York, had decided to make the big move from Hollywood to NYC. It was going to be sad to see them go, and with just a few months before their move, the four of us decided to have one last hurrah together, so we collaborated on a short film entitled, Savage.

Although we were all proud of the film, it was more the experience together that we cherished. We never expected anything to come of it.

link to savage:

Here we are a year later and a lot of really wonderful things have happened.

Todd and Chelsea's plan to move to New York worked brilliantly as within a few months they both ironically booked TV shows in LA. Chelsea is currently filming Star Crossed for the CW, while Todd is on ABC Family's "Twisted"".

Some surprisingly enthusiastic fans of the movie found us and their passion for the project inspired Brad, Todd, Chelsea and myself to reunite and spin “Savage” into a full length feature film entitled, “Looking for Lions”. With Chelsea and Todd’s TV shooting schedules looming, we had a small window to go from script to screen.

Transforming our short into a feature had never been the intent, so it took some exploration to find the right seed from it to grow into a story that I wanted to tell and a movie that we would all want to make. With some time, I realized that the story of “Savage” would serve the film best if told as one chapter in the lives of several people strung together like links in a chain.

I don’t see life as black and white, so I like stories that examine the gray areas. With our story, I saw a golden opportunity to do just that.

At its heart, “Savage” is a love story about the lengths two people are willing to go to protect each other. “Looking for Lions” takes that idea even further as we examine characters from several walks of life that are faced with similar dilemmas, doing whatever they have to in order to save the ones they love. And for the characters in this film, that results in some very gruesome consequences.

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